Forgiveness “What it is, What it isn’t, & Why it matters”


Sunday - 10AM Worship Service, 938 Middletown Warwick Rd. Middletown, De.

Sep. 12, 2021
Forgiveness with the message “What it is, What it isn’t, & Why it matters”
How many of you have had those big weeds that pop up in your yard that as it grows it develops thorns on them and a yellow flower on top.  If you just cut it off with the Weed Wacker, it grows back by the next time that you go to Weed Wack the yard again!  However, if you just reach down and pull that weed up by it’s roots, it never comes back up again.  I believe that the root of forgiveness is bitterness.  If we are going to come to a point of forgiveness, we first need to allow God to pull the weed of bitterness out of our lives.  This week Pastor Dewayne will be teaching on how God can turn your bitterness into sweetness (Exodus 15:22-27)

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