Prayer & Fasting Sunday Service


Sunday - 10AM Worship Service, 938 Middletown Warwick Rd. Middletown, DE

 January 30, 2022

 10:00 AM

 938 Middletown Warwick Rd. Middletown, DE 19709

Peanut butter and Jelly, Cake and Ice Cream you cannot have one without the other.  Well, maybe some people can when discussing the topic of food, but the Bible clearly states in Mark chapter 9:14-29 that the kind of power to defeat the enemy only happens with both prayer and fasting. There is no other way.

Over the weeks in January we are going to discuss many aspects of prayer and fasting which include:

The power we take away from the enemy when we add fasting to our prayer life. The unclogging of our “spiritual pipes” when we humble ourselves in submission to what God instructs us to do. The anointing that comes upon each one of us to do the perfect will of God as we seek Him through prayer and fasting, and much more.  Join us Sunday mornings through the month of January to hear the blessings from God when we pray and fast.

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